Cake Smash & Splash
Celebrate your prince or princesses birthday with a cake smash and splash fun photoshoot. ¬†Eat cake, make a mess and bubble bath to splash clean ūüôā
¬†Celebrate the babies first year birthday as they cannot really enjoy a party to the full as yet – so let them have fun on their own….
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Cake Smash sessions include 60 mins studio time, props and editing.
Customer to provide cake and outfit.
Highly recommended cake provider – Dots Kitchen
Outfits at Ebay or Amazon
A £50 deposit is due at the session.
Choose from the following:-
5 x Single digital images 
1 x Collage plus digital image
6 of 7″x5″ Prints
1 of 10″x8″ print
1 of 12″ x 12″¬†collage plus